Good Things Draw People Together

How did it all begin? Míša and Jindra had already been working in Bali for several years when they met Petr Kotík in 2020, the founder of the successful Amazing Places travel project. He came to Bali with his team to spend a few days of vacation and they immediately fell in love. They knew that the next time they would see each other it would be as friends who share the same values.

When the opportunity came to rent two beautiful villas in the immediate vicinity of the one that Míša and Jindra operated in 2022, they did not hesitate for a moment. At Amazing Places, they had been looking for their own magical place abroad for some time, so there was no hesitation. The beautiful Villa Lontar on the beach was joined by the neighboring Villa Rumah Bunga with breathtaking views of the ocean and the Saba Cottages with Balinese bungalows and a magical garden.

Míša and Jindra in Bali

We are two. Together we are over a hundred years old. We’ve been together for thirty years, we never move a step and we do everything together.   

Collect Experiences, Not Things

That has been the motto of Amazing Places since the very beginning. They first discovered places in the Czech Republic and gradually went beyond the borders. Bali is their first exotic destination.

It’s Never Too Late

"Thanks for all the crazy ideas, thanks for the steps into the unknown. Thanks for opening up the world to me.”

 - Míša -