Bába na Bali & Amazing Places would like to invite you to a paradise where you will feel at home while experiencing the exotic in a way that not many tourists get to do.

This unique combination of two Czech travel projects allows you to choose from three villas located on the east coast of Bali, just a few meters away from each other. Each villa has a beautiful blooming garden and a private pool. You will get to know the village life and the real, unspoiled Bali here.

Our Villas

Why stay with us?

  • Personal approach
  • Family atmosphere
  • Airport transfer
  • A short walk from the beach

Bába & Dědek na Bali

Two crazy people in their fifties who packed a suitcase, left everything behind in the Czech Republic and traveled to Bali where they have been pursuing their dream since 2017. They’ve created a place you won’t want to leave.

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