Bába & Dědek na Bali

We are two. Together we are over a hundred years old. We’ve been together for thirty years, never moving a step apart, doing everything together. Anyone who knows us will tell you we’re crazy. And so, in November 2017, we left everything we had built behind. We left everyone and everything we loved. Our lives packed into a 37 kg suitcase. It was immensely liberating. We are striving to pursue the dream of our lives. Living in Southeast Asia, living in Bali.

We’ll be happy if you want to follow our story. We’ll be delighted if you decide to visit us and let us show you the beauty of Bali.

A Dream Come True

A villa on the beach was our dream. We wanted to create a place where guests would feel at home, like at their friends’ place.

We wanted to share tips for trips to places that are still almost untouched by tourists, bring the local life and traditions closer, and help create experiences that will last a lifetime.

We Not Only Care for Guests

For more than a year, at our own expense and with the help of donations from fans, we have been feeding and neutering local wild dogs. Every morning we get up early and head out with a bag of kibble to fill their empty furry tummies.

Welcome to Our Home

We are not a hotel, a guest house, or a boarding house. We are a family villa with a friendly atmosphere, and you can be our guests, our friends.

We live in the villa ourselves and will be available for advice or help at any time.